Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shout in the tube

Shout in the tube

Outside the library in Västerhaninge there's four tubes like this one, forming a rectangle on the lawn. The sign says Shout! Your friend might respond. I gave it a go. Nothing happened. Probably because I was the only one there...The tubes have been here a while but the signs came up over the weekend when there was an official opening here. It was raining that day so I don't know if anyone was there shouting.


Anonymous said...

In fact it was one of the famous submarine crossing in the Bothnian gulf.

Veera said...

Modern version of communication in old format !!??

Stefan Jansson said...

ha. one of those subs. I remember those days. we were down there at the bay looking for them!

veerasundar. something like that I guess!