Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to Ormsta

Entering Ormsta

Bigger photo.

Welcome to Ormsta. A rural area in Haninge. With three old farms, Östragården, Mellangården och Skattegården. On a hot spring day I took a bike ride through this agricultural landscape on the old Husby Road (dates back to Viking times). The farmer here since 1984 is Rolf Norlin. He also runs Hammarby Gård at Åva (close to Tyresta National Park) and Kalvsvik in Österhaninge.


Anonymous said...

Interesting photos and I like them and I can tell you that they look almost identical to farms here in this country where I live. And I see the barns are painted "barn red" there as they are here. I like your photographs.

Sally said...

Lovely landscape to take a bike ride through.