Thursday, April 26, 2007

Modern Day Hero

Modern Day Hero

A modern day hero. And junk collector. The state thought that he should retire as his business didnt make enough money. Instead he started collecting junk from where he could find it. Last year that gave him 160.000 SEK. This morning on his first trip to the junk yard he made 5000 SEK. I met him on my way to a bird park nearby (Skutan), and we started talking as I was taking pictures of some of the junk. As we stood there the woman who runs the horse farm at Skutan drove up, At first she thought that we were dumping junk, but we soon cleared that up. The owner to this land Erik Engström has been told by the local council to clean this place up but nothing has happened.


Anonymous said...

An interesting story. Nice photo for it.

Abraham Lincoln

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks. He told me about a man who walks with a cart along Dalaröroad (heavy traffic), year round collecting bottles.