Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Investigative Reporter

The Investigative Reporter
There we were walking at a slow pace, (it was so hot!), along the picturesque Strandvägen in Nynäshamn when we were suddenly overtaken by a car from the Nynäshamns Posten. The car stopped up ahead so I walked over and knocked on the side window. Out came the newspapers investigative reporter Amanda, ready to ask us all sorts of questions, but I beat her to it. What's happening with the water tower turned observation tower at Trehörningen? Did it burn down, can it be saved, we need to know. I was in in town earlier this Summer, with the usual suspects, planning to visit the tower, but we couldn't find it! We blamed Hasse for that, since he used to work on the tiny islet where the old water tower stands, or did stand for a century. So we left town disappointed and when we arrived home news came that the tower had been destroyed in a fire! A bit suspicious I know, but it wasn't us! Sadly Amanda couldn't help us, they had a reporter on the case, but there was nothing to report just yet. After this Amanda started bombarding us with her questions. How do you like the Summer? Is it too warm? What do enjoy doing during the Summer? The questions just kept coming and when Hasse took over the answering I managed to slip away long enough to take a portrait of the reporter and this is that photo.


William Kendall said...

A good portrait shot!

From time to time I see one of the national politics reporters here filing reports on the street, or a particular news show pundit out running an errand.

bill burke said...

A nice shot of the reporter doing her work. It's funny that you beat her to the questions with yours, she probably didn't expect that. :)

Jack said...

You're going to be famous!

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

I have always liked the way you put your published posts together and the people in them are the eye-candy needed by old souls like me.