Friday, July 20, 2018

Uddby Kraftverk

Uddby Kraftverk
Six hundred years ago there was a mill here at Uddby in Tyresö. Later, between 1620 to 1750 pulp was produced here. This water power plant dates back to 1898. It is still in operation. This a panorama from four photos, taken with the 18 to 135mm lens, using the Canon 77D. I took the photo last Saturday when I was out on a very long and very warm bike ride with my buddy Lasse. We met up at Åvavägen/Dalarövägen and biked our way towards Visvvassvägen in the neighbouring municipality Tyresö, before continuing to our goal of the day the little islet Notholmen that I showed you in a post earlier this summer.


William Kendall said...

Marvelous architecture, and it doesn't seem to detract from its surroundings.

Jenn said...

Great history here.