Friday, October 13, 2017

The old Smithy

The old smithy
No new photos to show you as I'm still in bed with the flu. This is a photo, taken with my new zoom lens from a few days ago. It shows the old smithy at the 700-year old fsarm Nödesta Västergård.


William Kendall said...

Beautiful composition!

Lasse Jansson said...

En riktigt bra bild! Härlig komposition, skönt skärpesläpp mellan motiv och intressant bakgrund. Det verkar som om gluggen gör vad den ska och att du blivit kompis med den. :-)

Jack said...

Flu! So sorry. I have had a bit of a cold, but it has not been disabling, so I have been able to get outside whenever I have wanted to do so. Get well soon.