Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Predator

Communication Device
Another day, another story about the wolf. I'm pretty fed up about the whole thing by now, but that doesn't help. A hunter in the forest here at Ormsta got scared when the wolf came too close. He had to call in his friends and the four of them then walked away from the area with the wolf following them closely. There's a Facebook group listing all wolf observations and a lot of people seems really scared of the animal. One local politician has said publicly that she wants the wolf to be put down. So far it has killed a few lambs and one cat. I have told my cat to be careful when she's out and about but she didn't seem too worried. The wolf in question is equipped with a GPS device and every 72 hours it sends info back to Norway. Some people now say that there's in fact two wolfs running around eager to kill and eat their babies, but I'm not convinced about that yet. But I did see a report over the weekend that the wolf had been spotted near a farm with cattle and that it had closed in on the cows.


William Kendall said...

Wolves have unfairly gotten a bad reputation now for centuries. People should learn to live with them.

Lowell said...

We have problems with wolves in the far west. Well, the wolves actually have the problems as ranchers want to shoot and kill them. I think most of the rancher's concerns are blown out of proportion. Furthermore the wolves were there first. We also have problems with alligators. People move into an area with ponds and rivers and then get all crabby when an alligator eats their dog or cat which they should have kept into the house. And some really dumb people feed the alligators and then get mad when the alligators try to eat them. Hey, the alligators being fed by humans figure humans must represent food.

Humans are not too bright sometimes.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Is this a case of a simple story getting more complicated each time it's passed on Steffe ☺

Linda said...

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? ;-)