Friday, August 18, 2017

Prins Bus and Sara

Prins Bus The Dairy Farmer
This is Prins Bus, (Prince Mischief). He is a Gotland russ, and a work horse. He lives at the dairy farm Björksättra in Huddinge, a neighbouring municipality to Haninge. But in May, June, August and September Prins Bus works a few days every week removing garbage from Brandbergen and Jordbro. The kids love him, but he is not that fond of them as they are a bit too lively for Prins Bus, but it usually works out fine. I met him and his human Sara earlier this week as they were on their way back to the garbage station with a carriage full of garbage. Sara is a dairy farmer. She has 50 cows and a bunch of sheep at the farm. Her farm is an ARLA farm which means that they are open for visitors and they have around 15 000 visitors to the farm every year. One popular event is the annual kosläpp. That's when the cows see the grass for the first time every Spring. Fun Youtube video here from her farm for anyone interested in seeing happy cows jumping for joy


William Kendall said...

Excellent portrait of Sara. Prince Mischief is a good name for a horse!

Lasse Jansson said...

Åh, ett russ. Fina små kämpar. Jag bekantade mig med rasen ute på Gotland för bara ett par veckor sedan. Kul att se hästar användas "på riktigt".
Ett utmärkt porträtt på hästens "människa"!

Halcyon said...

Lovely portrait of horse and owner.