Monday, November 14, 2016

Sixteen Winter Photos

16 Winter Scenes
A man shovelling snow from his car at Ankaret. Fence post with snow. Woman crossing a snow covered field at Lillgården. Newly repaired sculpture in the park in Tungelsta. House at Mulsta. The commuter arrives at Tungelsta, still a lot of construction left with the second rail-track. House with solar energy at Skolvägen. BMW left out in the snow for a few days at Söderbyvägen. Vaskos Pub and the commuter station. Bicycle left at the school over the weekend. Message board at the station house. Firewood at a neighbours garage. Table and benches in the park. Utility box at Kvarnvägen. Smokestack at the school at Tungelstavägen. Apples at Solakullen.


Bergson said...

I like this colage

Lowell said...

You did get hit with a lot of snow! Enjoyed the collage very much.

William Kendall said...

Ah, they make me look forward to our coming winter!