Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Sixteen Recent Photos

Sixteen Recent Photos
Big sign in Handen at the bus terminal. Not so pretty building in the industrial area in Handen. Bird tower reflection at the bird sanctuary Skutan. Edible ghost! Builders at Haningeterrassen. Birds up a chimney. Macro detail from a Åbro beer bottle, (got two beers from a friend). Open air dance floor at my favorite beach, (many years ago it was part of a big hotel that is gone today). Zooming in on the newly redesigned water tower at the industrial area in Handen. A family fishing from a pier at Årsta Havsbad. More garbage dumped in Jordbro near the Rudan nature reserve. Façades. Two men in a boat out on the Horsfjärden bay. Yellow leaves at Håga. Construction of a walkway through a wetland at Norrby Gärde! Underpass graffiti.


Sharon Anck said...

this makes a colorful collage!

William Kendall said...

Those yellow leaves really draw my eye.

Lois said...

I like all of them, but I love that edible ghost!