Saturday, April 30, 2016

Abandoned car

The Mellanberg farm in Handen was bought by the municipality recently. By then it had been closed for many years, but the last owner still lived at the farm. The farm dates back to around 1770 and has had a lot of inhabitants during the last two hundred years. If you understand the local lingo you can read an article about those people at I am not sure what will happen to all the old buildings now so I have decided to photograph them whenever I am in the area so that is what I did yesterday I found this old car behind the big barn. I have an album with Mellanberg photos at flickr and I will add more photos there in the days to come.


William Kendall said...

It looks like this one has been there a long time.

JudithK said...

Thank you for what you do, recording life as you see it. And good photos in that process. Not to mention, your recording of things that are passing away. Thanks again. I have enjoyed your photos for some years now.

Jack said...

This is a beat-up old guy, rusting away on site.