Monday, May 21, 2012

Get your mojo on!

Get your mojo on! LandRolling Met a great couple in Västerhaninge, on what must be described as the first day of Summer. Mantas and Nathalia. They were out skating with their new LandRollers. I had never seen LandRollers before and they told me they were made popular by Cesar Millan. Mantas is originally from Lithuania. For sixteen years he lived in England. Nathalia is Swedish and her family originates from Colombia. They have that newlywed Zuckerberg to thank for everything as they met via Facebook. After chatting for a while Nathalia invited Mantas to Sweden and now they live together here. Nathalia works with cosmetology and shares a skin care saloon with her mother. Mantas is an artist. He paints with brushes and is also an illustrator, concept artist, 2D animator, and character designer. Oh, and Nathalia had been looking at a Canon 550, so I told her to get one as it is the model I am shooting with. If you are curious about the title, Mojo is the model name of their skates.


Virginia said...

I have never seen anything like those skates either. It looks hard to do!!!

Great couple and thanks for s haring their story.

CaT said...

nice pictures they look very cute!
but the skates look weird and a bit uncomfortable?

Chrissy Brand said...

Great photos and what a wonderful story Steffe- young love across borders!

Mo said...

So have you got yourself some mojos.

Stefan Jansson said...

Weird looking they are CaT.

Yo! Mo. I have not. Yet.

Gunn said...

Happy photos!
Nice images I guess they both will LOVE.

gogouci said...

Looks like one more way to break my neck. Very cute couple you found there.

Jack said...

Good photos of two nice looking young people. I know that I could not even stand up on these things.

VP said...

On Facebook I got only boring rants from people I barely know...

Anonymous said...

Hejsan Steffe!

Thank you for uploading our pictures, you captured us very organically.. like the one where I am almost falling, haha. Was NOT expecting to see that one here. But it's ok, I'll let you have it.

You have wonderful photos on your blog, keep up the great work!

OH and People! about the Landrollers, they ROCK!
We're fast becoming pros and No they are Not uncomfortable at all folks! They are VERY stable due to the new Angled Wheel Technology™.
And as to our Love, we would have found eachother any other way anyways.. as we were meant to Be ^_^
I think that Stefan has captured that in the pictures. :D

Thank you all for the kind comments, and may you all be touched by LOVE and enjoy your summer!... with or without Landrollers! =D


Nathalia & Mantas ^_^

Stefan Jansson said...

I had a feeling you would mention that photo Nathalia!