Friday, June 25, 2010

The Sorunda Midsummer Pole

Hollow Eggs

Sorunda Midsummer Pole

Sorunda Midsummer Pole

Sorunda Midsummer Pole

It's Midsummer. The most important tradition in Sweden. All over the country people have been dancing around the Maypoles. And now in the early evening everyone is eating and drinking and the sun is still shining. I took a 20 km bike ride in the warm weather down to Sorunda in Nynäshamn, to have a look at the celebrations at the Prästgårdsparken. Over the next few days I will show some photos from my Sorunda visit starting with a few close-ups of the Midsummer Pole before it was raised .The Sorunda Midsummer Pole is very different from a traditional Swedish Midsummer Pole. It is decorated with a few different symbols, including hollow eggs for good future fertility! And also with Lily-of-the-valley leafs that are picked ten days before Midsummer. Some more info about this tradition can be found at


brattcat said...

I'm looking forward to more. These give us a delightful glimpse of some of the Midsummer traditions.

paul said...

That's an interesting story, Steffe, with a great set of pictures as usual. Look forward to the equel(s).

Hilda said...

Fascinating decorations. I'm glad you're around to show and explain the details to us.