Sunday, June 27, 2010

Erecting the Midsummer Pole

Last Minute Instructions

Rescue Service Officers at Work

Nearly There

The Raising of the Midsummer Pole

A few photos of the ceremonial erecting of the Sorunda Midsummer Pole at Prästgårdsparken on Friday.
On the first photo you can see Lena Kristiansson and Maria Landin dressed in the Sorunda regional dress explaining for the local fire fighters how they are going to raise the Maypole without too many accidents.

After lifting up the uniquely decorated midsummer pole the fire fighters made a slow 360 turn on the lawn and nearly hit a woman who was on crutches and a bit slow to move away!

Then, with some more help from Maria the pole was positioned in a hole in the ground and slowly erected.

Finally pointed wooden splinters were used to secure the pole and when the job was done the fire-fighters got a round of applauds from the massive crowd. Tomorrow I will show some dance photos.


Bill said...

That looks like a fun day.

AB said...

We have some of those (2010-05-11) but I am not well enough informed to know when they put the local ones up.

Peter said...

what a great tradition, and some rejoicing!

brattcat said...

Love this post. Yeah, firefighters. Poor person on crutches...that was a narrow escape.

RedPat said...

Thanks for the Midsummer posts - it is great to see.

Gunn said...

Well, now I learned many new things...
Great action shots!

Leif Hagen said...

What great photos this weeks of Midsommar! I was in Leksand for Midsommar back in 1994 - a long time ago!