Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring is for Lovers

Spring is for Lovers

As you can see we have had a few sunny spring days of late. Which means that I will focus more on portraits. This is Adam and Annie. I met them at Lake Rudan where they were enjoying the weather. Adam is reading the Bachelor of Science in Engineering program at KTH in Handen. His girlfriend, who is visiting from Nora, is a secondary school student. On her free time she plays innebandy for Nora IBK and scores goals like there's no tomorrow! Adam plays in a Metal/Hardcore band. They are called Illumineight.


T. Becque said...

Another nice portrait shot. They look very relaxed, that's a compliment to you as the photographer that they feel that way in your presence.

Olivier said...

"Car le temps de l'amour
C'est long et c'est court
Ça dure toujours
On s'en souvient" François Hardy

Firefly said...

Your portraits are always interesting and not just people standing and posing. Yes, spring may be coming round to your part of the world, but winter is slowly setting in down here. Winter is also for lovers, to be cuddling under the covers.

Washington said...

Lovely picture! It is so good to be in love, isn't it?

Lois said...

They make a handsome couple!

Halcyon said...

Their clothes don't look too spring-y. But they do look like a cool couple.