Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Taking a nap

Obviously I did shoot quite a few animal photos at the open house weekend at the Berga Agricultural College. They have horses, cattle and pigs on 400 hectare. And who doesn't love pigs! Some facts about the college. The 250 students here can choose between the environmental programme, the farm programme and the horse programme. Most students come from around Stockholm. But there are student apartments on the campus, and there are plenty of activities for the students that choose to live at the school.


Jacob said...

Pigs are fun unless you fall off your bike trying to ride through the pigsty - which I did on several occasions as a young lad on a Minnesota farm...

Good shooting, Steffe.

Oh, do you know why pigs eat so much corn?

They want to make hogs of themselves.

I'm sorry about that, but I used to teach 8th grade.

Paul said...

I too like pigs, find it quite sad that these days most people never have any contact with them and indeed only ever see a pig when it is bacon.

Vogon Poet said...

I am a bit afraid to say why I do love pigs, because in no part of it they are alive.
A couple of different and very good shots today.

Lois said...

I love pigs! Those pictures are making me sleepy though.

Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of pig is a porker.

Voices from the past > http://bing-it.blogspot.com/

Per Stromsjo said...

(Shooting pig photos might upset the careless reader...)

Any idea what kinds of jobs they might be aspiring for, the students in that environmental programme?

Steffe said...

Good one Per. Ha, I guess you could land a job at the school? But after graduating from Berga you can work at any farm, and many of the students continue their education at other schools. Some of the people you find here are future veterinarians.