Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring is around the corner

Spring is here!

This was the scene in Västerhaninge yesterday. A farmer ploughing a field using his John Deere tractor. Must be some kind of record, normally this time of the year you should be able to ski over this field. Six months earlier I photographed the harvest here. Bigger photo.


stromsjo said...

It's ridiculous. In February. I remember when Haninge boldly tried to host our national cross-country skiing championships. That winter wasn't exactly picture perfect either but nowhere near this non-winter.

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha ha. I remember that.That competition should have taken place HERE at Rudan. And THIS is how it was supposed to look that winter.

Janet said...

Seems kind of early for plowing...guess it depends on what he's going to plant.