Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hammar Cottage

Hammar Cottage

One of two identical "Enkelstugor" (small wooden cottage), at the Hammar estate along Allévägen in Tungelsta. The estate dates back to 1816 when the Upmark family bought three farms, Tuna, Tunatorp and Krigslida and the two villages Mulsta and Välsta. There's a beautiful 100 meter long tree line avenue leading up to the estate, you can see it on a few of my photos. A winter version and a spring version. The owner's favorite photo is one from two years ago where her late husband is shovelling snow from a roof! If you are interested they also have a rune stone behind the estate. The same cottage from another angle. Bigger photo.

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Jazzy said...

nice and cosy and the snow has melted!