Sunday, September 02, 2007

Touched By Flowers

Touched By Flowers

This sculpture, called Rörd av blommor, or Touched By Flowers can be seen at the park in Tungelsta. Bigger photo. Or zoom in a bit with this photo. The artist is Klara Kristalova. The artwork is made from bronze and shows a hand that touches some flowers. The non-profit organisation Föreningen Folk&Trädgård in Tungelsta (gardeners and flower enthusiasts), sponsored the sculpture. Around the artwork some Buxus sempervirens have been planted. Yesterday was Tungelsta Day so a lot of people visited the park.


Anonymous said...

It is a fitting title for the work of art.

I hope you get to see my bird today.

htttp:// said...

As we say swedes have a "green hand". "Avoir la main verte".
But the french "Champagne" is better than yours !

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks for your comments. Never tried a Swedish "Champagne" so I will have to take your word for it :)