Friday, April 07, 2006

Housing Project

Housing Project

New houses being built. This is from a flickr set I call Housing Project. I have been following this from the start. More than 100 houses of different style and design will be put up on a few fields in Tungelsta. It is named Kryddgården, or The Herb Garden. The houses are pre-fabricated and arrive on big trucks. The area around here was previously filled with many small family owned horticulture businesses. My great grandfather was the first of the 100 gardeners that settled in Tungelsta in the last century. Now 100 years later maybe ten are still in business.


Anne said...

Nice yellow house.

Ggraph said...

This style of building is a growing trens everywhere. We have much of it here too. It's much less expensive.
The deer are great. We feed Whitetail deer that visit in our back yard too.
Regards & have a good weekend,