Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter Count 2017

Winter Count
Time for another Winter Count. Time flies and all that. Had to find a care facility for my mother at the start of the year. She now lives at Malmgården at Dalarö. My flickr buddy Bengt enjoyed a minisemla at my favorite cafe back in February. A nice sign of Spring popped up in March. The old tree had to make an appearance of course, so here is an April snap of the Swedish Whitebeam. I visited a few car meets this year. The first one was at Årsta castle back in May. Celebrated Midsummer with my mother at her care facility, that was a fine day. Bought six new lenses this year. My test model for most of them was my neighbour Danuta. The, (photography), Summer highlight is often the big greaser meet at Vegabaren and that is where I snapped the portrait of the guy with the face tattoo. The annual bike race was of course a must, I took many panning shots that day. Autumn is represented by this photo of an old cottage at Ormsta, a tiny hamlet in a rural part of Haninge. Another new lens, this time my model was Mikael who has been my barber for a couple of decades. I almost gave up photography late in the year because of the poor weather, but here is a snap from the first snowfall of the season, taken from the hill at home.

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William Kendall said...

A good mix! I particularly like the old tree.