Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sixteen Summer Snaps

Sixteen Summer Snaps
A few snaps from this month that didn't quite make the cut on their own. A duo performing on their "durspel" at the Handen museum yesterday. Gate detail at an old property in Handen. Stena container at Handens stationsväg. The ugly spiral really needs some cleaning. Cyclist. Woman the phone walking past Malmen's. "Art" by Jonas Nobel. More Jonas Nobel "art". Classy Mercedes Benz. Balconistas at Poseidons Gränd. Jim shooting Jonas Nobel "art". Candid of a woman. Jujja's PV, he had just given Hasse a ride home from the cafe when I spotted him from a pedestrian bridge. Yellow Moped. Girl on a horse near the old tree. Happy students driving past malmen's cafe..


Lowell said...

An interesting selection. I noticed that many of your subjects seem to be on the move ... coming or going!

Gunn said...

Så bra, faktisk veldig veldig bra!
Jeg liker den måten du har satt sammen de ulike foto, og de har noe med både farger og stil som går så fint sammen.

Ha en god søndag!

Bob Crowe said...

A very creative approach. I'm not collecting enough images to construct something like this.

Mo said...

Looks great presented like this

William Kendall said...

The horse and rider one is my favourite.