Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Pipeline stuck in the ice

Pipeline stuck in the ice
A bit odd. A pipleline stuck in the ice at the Upper Lake at the Rudan nature reserve.This is a popular place for a swim during the Summer. I took the photo standing at the sandy beach. A new fresh water pipeline runs through the lake, but I don't know if this plastic pipeline has anything to do with that. A few weeks ago the ice was thick enough for ice skating, but I wouldnt recommend anyone trying that today.


Lasse Jansson said...

Snorkel? Det kanske ligger en stackare under isen och flåsar genom detta rör...

Cool bild hur som helst och det fina lilla huset i bakgrunden är en snygg detalj.

William Kendall said...

No idea what it would be for. I definitely would not walk on that ice right now!