Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sixteen Recent Snaps

Sixteen Recent Snaps
A photographer at Lakeside, the youth centre at the Rudan nature reserve. A photographer at my favorite cafe shooting his wife. A dancer at Lakeside during the dance battle. A bit of yellow at home. Johanna, Brenizer style, I failed a bit on that one. A motorcycle passing my favorite cafe, the rule is to always have the camera ready. Shark! Blue flowers at Nedersta. Bikini season has started! A former police officer (you met him on the blog a few years ago),riding his motorcycle to the horse farm at Björklund last week. Green path at the Bronze Age burial ground. Fredde smiling at the photographer. Funny looking tree at the Nödesta farm. Local legend Tompa Eken at the cafe. Young girl doing a balancing act at Lakeside. Commuter train panorama shot at Krigslida.


Olivier said...

beau montage et resume

Bob Crowe said...

You must use software to assemble the shapes correctly, much as Flickr does now. Even in Sweden they want to wear Yankees caps.

LOLfromPasa said...

I always look forward to seeing this collection now.