Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rebel Without a Cause

Svarten Asplind

1960 Chrysler New Yorker

Side Mirror

This is Svarten Asplind. He is the president of The One And Only V8 Cruisers. Which is a "raggarklubb". It's kinda hard to explain the term raggare, but I found a very good article of the subculture in The Guardian, well worth a read. Svarten is the oldest active "raggare" in Stockholm. He is sixty three years old and still going strong. I figured he would know the President of The Moonshine Cruisers and he said he had known him since Robban was a kid. Svarten loves Elvis Presley. He drives a 1960 Chrysler New Yorker. It's worth around $27 000, and is in mint condition. His t-shirt says Home is good, but the garage is best. The original proverb says Away is good but at home is best.


brattcat said...

I really like that last image with the two of you.

T. Becque said...

So here's a stereotype, after seeing his portrait I was expecting a motorcycle!

helsinkippusa said...

I also expected a motorcycle but the text on the shirt makes a lot more sense with old cars (you might want to fix the translation: away=>home).

Birdman said...

hahaha! funny t-shirt for a car rat!

Jacob said...

I remember that car...all lucious chrome...I had a 1957 Olds 4-dr hardtop that was laden with chrome...with a dreamboat!

By the way, the number you asked for is: (352) 543-5737.

But if you come this way, you'd better stop here first!