Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome to Ålsta

Kristina Jubler born Blomquist used to live here in the yellow house at Vretalundsvägen in Tungelsta when she was a young girl. Bigger photo. Later she moved to California where she still lives. This photo is for her. Here is a link to a picasa web album with a few more photos that I took at Ålsta this afternoon. This area used to be filled with greenhouses, now they are almost all gone and new roads and houses are being built here. I have been documenting the change for the last three years. More photos in my flickr set.



Anonymous said...

Very interesting work about the evolution of this village.
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steffe. My parents built the house in 1945 when I was 2&1/2 years old and I lived there until I left for USA 1963. Visited many times until my mother sold it 1989.
I'm amazed at the changes in the area since I was there 3&1/2 years ago.