Friday, March 09, 2007

Falling Tree

Working on the undercut

Falling Tree

How many men does it take...In this case four. But you can only see three men here. This is a walkway down to the commuter station in Västerhaninge.The big spruce tree is only two meters away from the railtrack and was probably damaged during the storm here back in January. I hope that's the reason they are cutting it down. I met a few people who was clearly upset and they were going to call the council to see what was going on.
The big spruce tree is falling. Workers from the council had the area closed off which was a good idea as quite a few people was watching this from here and there. Including me.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to justify cutting down a mature tree. But I am hopeful that it was really necessary.

Dsole said...

Oh what a tragedy! how old was this gorgeous tree?? I'm with Mr Lincoln and hope it was neccesary...