Monday, February 12, 2007

Lets stick with the yellow

Lets stick with the yellow

Still in bed with the flu. Coughing like mad. So I will dig into my flickr archive for another photo. Here is a typical Swedish home. From Lida in Haninge. An area with lots of smaller houses. This family doesn't like change, so when they decided to re-paint their house and build a new porch they stuck with the yellow.


lynn said...

Ohhhh my sympathies! I am in bed too with the flu!! It has been dreadful like no other time i recall. You? he he we can swap notes. Most successful so far is -
hot lemon with honey and a bit of scotch (whisky). YOu? Wish you better ! xx

lol like the golden yellow best.

Stefan Jansson said...

I do drink green tea with lemon and whisky even when I'm up and running!When it comes to painting your home I'm guessing yellow and red are the most popular overe here.