Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter Bike Ride

Winter Road

Time for another Hockney style composite to "celebrate" the arrival of winter. This is a road called Allevägen in Lida. I had to stop here because of all the snow and ice on the road, and figured it was time for a few photos. Bigger photo is way cooler. I try riding all year. Cold weather isnt really a problem. If it's -10C you need to protect your face, the problem is when it's around freezing, with the icy roads, and sometimes the snow plower "forgets" about the bike paths and walkways which forces me to ride on the road and that can be scary. If you enjoy these types of photos I have a flickr Set with a few more.

I made a bike ride/winter video :

Winter in Sweden on Vimeo


Carol E. said...

This was very cool! I think I'd be too nervous to ride on snow/ice, and then to add a camera is even more nerve-wracking. I'm glad you didn't crash and break a leg.

Anonymous said...

very creative style! love it!

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks. I'm used to it and don't take any unnecessary risks. You should try the hockney thing santy.

Priscilla said...

Hope you have some good snow tires on that bike! Brrrrrr!

sattvicwarrior said...

good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!that is SO MAGICAL but SO uncivilized.
with life so SHORT. why do you live it in a FROZEN TEST TUBE to exist???
i actually FELT your COLD... your blerb was fantastic
i sit here. WAY south of you . and tis winter. / and im angry that my HIBISCUS is NOT blooming because of the COLD here. ..
my BANANA TREES are NOT as productive.
and to me the GODS as I see your clip are CRUEL.
your " clip" , would assume he doesn’t know you EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID GOD!!!!!!!!!! hes CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!
tis JANUARY here and my DAFFODILS are FINALLY coming up.
thanks for sharing., your site is and education for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and your pictures are MAGIC. hell is NOT heat. but ICE!!!!!!!!!!! and SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha ha thanks! Great comment. We do have a long summer you know. I spend many hours on my bike then as well, often on my way to the beach. There's more bike videos at my vimeo site. I do have to say that I am a summer person, but that I really love winter photography.