Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Light before the storm

light before the storm

We are having some weather today...This was the scene ad midday. It started to rain a few minutes after I took this shot. The view is from where I live at bergdalen in Tungelsta from a hill ca 20 meters high. The Greenhouses belong to Blomorado, before that my family owned it. The greenhouse next to the blue house was shortened a few years ago. We sold a piece of the land and today there's four houses there (the other two just to the right). At the extreme left you can see some of the new park. Across the road is a housing area called Rosgården. It was built back in 1984. Before that it was greenhouses there, the gardener cultivated roses. Up in the forest to the right there's a lake called Vädersjön, a direct translation of that would be Lake Weather!

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