Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dalarö Harbour

A Seaside Resort

Dalarö is a seaside resort in Haninge. 40 km from Stockholm. Filled with hotels, restaurants, pubs and boutiques and a few desent beaches and a fantasic nature. A beautiful place well worth a visit. This photo is from a visit last year take down at the harbour. You can take ferrys from here out to the archipelago. This is the number one tourist magnet in Haninge. In Sweden, everyone has the right to be out in the countryside, visitors from abroad as well as Swedish citizens. We call this "the right of public access". It is a benefit not found in a great many other countries. One may also look upon the right of public access as a great freedom. But our freedom in the countryside must not infringe upon the freedom of others. More photos from this this to Dalarö here in my flickr set.


Ggraph said...

That's a beautiful little harbor. Very nice image. Looks kike such a nice place to visit.

Anonymous said...

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