Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Pärlan Notdragning Seine Fishing Seine Fishing Seine fishing Notdragning at Frönäs Time to reel in the net Seine Fishing Seine Fishing Strömmingsnot Notdragning at Frönäs So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
The reason for my visit to Frönäs at the Gålö peninsula over the weekend was to witness my first ever seine fishing. An annual event here by the local historical association Gålö Gärsar. Top photo shows the row boat Pärlan and the big net used for the fishing. The whole fishing expedition took around 90 minutes. It was very interesting to see how the locals used to fish here back in the day. In the end they came back to land with around 75 kilo of strömming and nors. Everyone who wanted some fish got around one kilo to take home. I met with one of the members the day after the event and he told me that they had prepared a a very tasty fish dinner from their catch. If you want to learn more about Notdragning, or Strömmingsnot as it is also called you can read up at the wikipedia article about Seine Fishing. All in all this was a great experience. As the men took out the boat on the bay we followed them from land walking along the coastline and sometimes through a forest.

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Good link Steffe. How excellent to watch the proceedings, fresh fish is the best 🐟