Saturday, January 26, 2019

The long arm of the law

The long arm of the law
Police car driving through Tungelsta earlier in the week. Glad we have them. Both murder and a kidnapping here in recent time. I am yet to try Pizzeria Caprese, one reason for that could be that crappy ad on the wall. A few eons ago when I was a teenager one half of the building wasa popular cafe where you could play a few pinball machines. The other half saw the local post office, sadly we don't have post offices any more. Anywhere.


William Kendall said...

Your police cars are quite different from ours.

JudithK said...

So how do you mail a letter?

Stefan Jansson said...

That part of the operation is still working as it used to do Judith. At least if it is just an envelope that you want to mail. Anything bigger than that you have to use the postal services that you can find in kiosks and grocery stores these days, usually in a dark corner. Posten,(old name for the company),started closing their offices 20 years ago when they were modernising it. The new PostNord company is state owned by Sweden and Denmark together, and it has been downhill ever since they started working together.