Thursday, June 14, 2018

Annika Alm

Annika Alm Elephant Art Nyfiken Pojke
While sipping coffee with my buddy Hasse at the art gallery in Österhaninge, Galleri Kyrkskolan, over the weekend, the artist and sculptor Annika Alm were busy at the next table finishing her latest work of art. An African elephant. She has always been fascinated with the people, the wild animals and the landscape of eastern Africa. The last photo shows the sculpture "Nyfiken Pojke" "Curious Boy" that Annika made for this years art promenade at the gallery.


William Kendall said...

I like her elephant.

That first name is one that a friend of my parents had.

Sharon Anck said...

She's a very talented woman. I love both of these.

RedPat said...

That piece in the 2nd pic is wonderful!

Bob Crowe said...

These are wonderful. She and her work are one.