Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bolinder's Convenient Store

Bolinder's Convenient Store
Back in the 1950s that yellow building at Kvarnvägen in Tungelsta was a convenient store. It was called Bolinders, after the owner. It's been a private residence for as long as I have been on the planet, (more than half a century). I took the photo from the 20 meter high hill at home. A photo from way back when would have shown a number of greenhouses where you today can see the newer buildings. The white building to the left is a retirement home named after the gardener "Ros-Anders". The apartment buildings to the right also have his name. They are called Rosgården, or the rose garden. They were build back in 1984. Ros-Anders, along with my great grandfather J.F. Jansson was the first two gardeners to set up shop in Tungelsta a century ago. They were followed by many more, and back when Bolinder's were still in business, Tungelsta was famous for the many greenhouse nurseries, (more than 100 family operated nurseries). Today maybe five are still open.

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William Kendall said...

That would have been a lot of greenhouses for that time, and in your part of the world.