Sunday, June 17, 2007



Smultron. That's what we call the wild strawberries over here. Bigger photo. Bergman made a movie called Smultronstället. The meaning for that is that the sweet things in life grow wild. And if you find these berries don't tell anyone where they grow. It will be your secret, your Smultronställe. I know where to look for these. So just after I found them I ate them with my filmjölk for breakfast. Whenever that happens it means that summer is here for real. And here is a link to per spective!


stromsjo said...

Oh, I love Smultron. Very good caption.

As far as the link is concerned, I think we’ve got the topic fully covered by now... ;)

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha! Found some more Smultron there today. Gave a few to the woman with the dog btw!