Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spot the dog

Spot the Dalmatian

I met this woman and her Dalmatian at the nature park Slätmossen in Handen. I was taking some snaps of the ducks when this photogenic dog crossed the bridge ready for a photograph or two. The park is located in a forested area between Handen and Jordbro and is very popular with both, birds, dogs and people!


Kate said...

They both are quite handsome.

Kim said...

A super capture of this pair! The light is perfect. The birches behind the woman give this shot a real Swedish feel. Kudos!

Kim said...

Stephan, I notice your list of City Daily Photo Blogs hasn't had an update in a long time and a lot of information has changed. Like, I joined some months ago ;^)

Victoria said...

Both dog and owner look very happy! Nice shot.

Deb said...

very playful....the dog's face is priceless!