Saturday, September 22, 2018

Early one Sunday morning

Nothing kills like an early morning smoke Stockholm Sunrise Me The Tower
Hasse enjoying (?) a cigarillo while taking in the sunrise view from the new observation tower at Tornberget one Sunday morning not too long ago. We decided earlier in the year that it would be fun to trek to the new tower a few times this year and this was a fun visit. We arrived five minutes before the sun rose at six in the morning and stayed for around one hour. It's a 25 minute walk through the forest to the tower and you can see for many miles in every direction. No one else around and the silence was remarkable. We enjoyed coffee and bite to eat while watching the sunrise through the morning clouds. It was a fine start to the day.


William Kendall said...

The views from up top are splendid.

Klara S said...

Wow. It's nice to have tower like that.

Jack said...

Yes. A fine perspective. Your friend took a nice portrait photo of you, too.