Monday, January 15, 2018

Rose hip

Rose hip
Still waiting for the real Winter to arrive. Shot this last week on my way to the old tree. It's been another gray day with the wind picking up and if the prognosis is correct it's time to find that snow shovel tomorrow. And on another issue I can't comment at some of the other blogger blogs. Tried three times at Grace's blog today and at Williams blog the other day.


Sharon Anck said...

I was having that posting problem a week or so ago and it finally cleared up. Now I've noticed that it takes forever for a comment to actually post. I have to sit and wait almost 30 to 45 seconds before anything happens.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shot!

I've noticed the last few days with certain blogs with a certain format- not yours, as you require approval for all comments- that it takes three or four clicks for a comment to actually take, but it does take, as Sharon said. It's different from the problem I had in December, when it was endless photo captchas irritating me and putting me behind in reading.

Kay said...

I love your winter shots. I've also been having trouble with Blogger comments - William's and Grace's as well. As William mentions, it takes three or four clicks and it's very, very slow.