Monday, July 27, 2015

Stefan Korpar

Stefan Korpar Tumpiano
I spotted a guy playing the guitar at the bus terminal in Västerhaninge the other day. He wasn't busking or anything, just waiting for his ride. This is Stefan Korpar. He lives in Sköndal. He is a student. A future musician he told me. But he is already a musician as he plays in the band Munnen. They play experimental punk. On the second photo Stefan is showing me an instrument that he is currently building. A Kalimba. Or African Thumb Piano. His will have a microphone added so that he can record loops to his computer. The bands latest release is called SMAKA NYA STADEN.


Sharon Anck said...

He sounds like a very talented fellow!

William Kendall said...

No doubt having the guitar along is good for keeping up with practice.

VP said...

Not many guys around with guitars here... There were more a few years ago!