Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Chevy Truck

Chevy Truck
I have seen this 1936 Chevy truck a few times. I recently spotted it in Västerhaninge and decided to have a go at shooting it. Talked with the owner Ingvar, who uses it on a daily basis during the summer. And sometimes even during the Winter, as you can see if you follow this link. We looked at a few photos from before and during the renovation. That job took nearly five years, but the result is impressive. Apparently the truck has only had one other owner, in the US, before it came to Sweden. This is a Brenizer-method photo shot with the 85mm lens.


Olivier said...

elle est superbe et bien entretenue

Lasse Jansson said...

Toppkvalité på bilden och både fototekniken som utrustningen nyttjas till fullo. Bra jobbat! (Dessutom en vrålläcker bil, men den kan du inte annat är göra så bra rättvisa som möjligt med din bild.)

Filip and Kristel said...

Looks like a toy car but very beautiful.


Jack said...

It is a simply beautiful truck, beautifully maintained.

Bob Crowe said...

That's a work of love and dedication. I makes me thing of the lind from the old Beach Boys song Surf City: I've got a '34 wagon and they call it a Woody. But I think that referred to a Ford.