Monday, April 29, 2013

The Trendy Waiter

The Trendy Waiter
Johan was out on a promenade in the Spring sunshine when I stopped him in Handen and asked for a portrait. He works at O Learys, the sportsbar at the Haninge mall. It's a very busy time for the bar now with secondary school students partying like mad. When Johan isn't serving beers and what have you he is busy learning the art of tattooing, mostly on his friends! This is another Brenizer method portrait. 15 photos stitched together. Shot with the nifty fifty. Settings f.2. 1/3200.


Lowell said...

Well, I'm sure he thinks he's pretty spiffy! Your portrait excels, as usual. You've got that method down pat. But isn't it a lot of work. How long does it take you to complete one portrait?

Re your comment about the Ropes Course: I'd probably hang myself!

Jack said...

He has a lot of style. If I were his age, I might like that red jacket. But not the tattoos.

Peter said...

A cool dude, also love the jacket. Would go well with the car from a few days ago.

Stefan Jansson said...

The shooting takes a little longer than just one portrait of course. I usually take one head shot in aperture mode, that's where you want the focus to be. I shoot at either 1.8 or 2.0. I then change to manual as I now know what time to use. I also turn off auto focus after taking that first photo. Then it is just to shoot as many photos as you need using that same setting. The stitching is fully automatic in any stitching software although you might have to try a few different settings. That will of course make the computer busy for a while but if you have a fast Sony Vaio it only takes a couple of minutes.

Good point Peter, I was toying with the idea of giving the photo a similar title as the Impala photo.

It is a 1960 Chevy btw.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Young people are fabulous, super portrait Steffe, I rather fancy his tee shirt, tattoos without actually inking yourself :)