Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Rail Track Maintenance Equipment Operator

The Rail Track Maintenance Equipment Operator

Last winter I saw several derailed locomotives around Haninge. This time around the municipality is trying their best to avoid such problems. And as it was a warmish day (5C), it was the perfect time for such measures today. This guy was busy removing ice from the rail track at the Håga Industrial zone, where one locomotive got stuck back in March of last year. He told me that Greif Sweden was expecting a rail delivery this afternoon. And he was a bit mystified about the fact that locomotives no longer are equipped with snow ploughs.

Wasn't that a long title!


Olivier said...

je savais pas qu'avant les locomotives avaient des chasses neiges, mais c'etait pas une mauvaise idée, peut etre a revoir

Kate said...

Obviously an important task.

Irredento Urbanita said...

Is that gas water? vapor?

[Barcelona Daily Photo]

Jack said...

I hope he gets all of his job done well and soon. Nice composition. His coat pops.

julia said...

All your work is glorious! A decent camera helps a lot! Stunning environment too.