Monday, July 03, 2006

The Circus has arrived!

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As I'm writing this I can hear the music from the circus orchestra, the applauds and the laughter from the audience watching the Cirkus Wikoria show that started 50 minutes ago, outside my window. Cirkus Wictoria (Swedish spelling), are touring the country as they do every summer and they always put up their big blue tent on the Tungelsta School gravel pitch, 50 meters from where I sit. A big hit with the many kids here! I haven't seen the show but my neighbour saw it a few years ago with some friends visiting from Poland. They liked and after the show they realised that many of the performers where from Poland so they stayed on and chatted to the circus people. A couple of years before that the circus kept some of their animals on our land ( a big open field).

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Ineke said...

Seems to be the season for a circus, One camped just here too!