Friday, May 26, 2006

Ancient Grave Field Forest 360 Panorama

Ancient Grave Field Forest 360 Panorama

Back at the forest in Jordbro and the ancient grave field. A 360 panorama shot.


Louz said...

Just scolled through your blog and really found it interesting, especially the grave stones/rune stones and the stories behind them. And you take tree photos! I'm a big fan of tree photos. Did you know a famous photographer - Alfred Stieglitz (?) - took hundreds of photos of the same tree in his yard?

Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks. I seen some of his New York photos. I have a set with a few more Runestone photos at my flickr stream. And talking about trees, I have some 35 shots of that old oak now, also at flickr. I was up there this morning so sonn there will be 36!